Tilt and Turn

Tilt and Turn Windows Cumbria

Why Choose Liniar Tilt & Turn Windows?

Liniar tilt & turn windows are available in the same ranges as our other window choices – standard or EnergyPlus offering reduced energy bills.



European design led, the Liniar tilt & turn window allows you to let in fresh air while also offering security giving homeowners a fresher environment whilst maintaining safety in your home.


The open in style gives great options for cleaning from within (in the turn position) and secure ventilation (in the tilt position).

Offering a greater scope for larger openings than a traditional casement window, Liniar’s tilt & turn windows are ideal for high-rise as well as low-rise applications, and thermal performance is helped by the larger panes of glass ensuring the lowest possible energy bills.


Perfect as a fire escape giving homeowners piece of mind or simply to let in more fresh air, Liniar tilt and turn windows are available in both ‘tilt before turn’ or ‘turn before tilt’ options.


As with all Liniar windows, our tilt and turn windows can be fitted with standard locking, or high security fittings to meet the latest and highest security standards together with a full colour range available.